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Why Your Choice Of Trash Bags Matters

Sometimes, even things that seem like small matters can actually be much more important than you realize. A perfect example of this is in the least likely place you would expect your garbage can. Buying the right trash bags is important for any business of any size, and a lot more difficult for some than you might think. There's more to it than just buying the first box of trash bags you see. Instead, you need to really look at a couple of different things to ensure you get the right bag.

First, size does matter in this instance. Take the size of your business garbage cans into account if you have an office with small paper wastebaskets, you might want small bags for each. Or you may rely on larger trash bins that are double, triple, or even quadruple the size of those wastebaskets. No matter what, the first step is figuring out what size bag you need. They're usually delineated in terms of gallon size for easier identification.

Once you figure out the size that you need, you'll have to figure out the durability. While the exact method of doing so is to look at the 'mil' of the bag the thickness of the plastic most people simply take a look at the overall description. Heavy duty trash bags, for instance, will obviously be a bit thicker than other options. If your business only generates paper trash or garbage that has very little weight, a thinner bag will be adequate. But if you generate large amounts of heavier garbage, you may need to go with a heavier bag.

The reasons are obvious if the bag is too weak it simply won't be able to support the garbage placed in it, resulting in ripped bags and big messes, not to mention frustrated cleaning workers. On the flip side, buying heavy duty bags will help protect against tears, but if you never have heavy trash then you'll be spending more money than needed. Instead, you can spend the same amount for thinner bags and get far more bags for your dollar.

It's easy to think that all trash bags are the same, but in reality it is actually in your best interests to shop smart. Spend a few minutes thinking about the size and durability of the bags you need and you should have no trouble making the right purchase.