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What Clients Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Service

What Clients Look For In A Commercial Cleaning ServiceMany businesses today feel that their success is partially attributed to how clean and sanitary their office or workplace environment is. These companies will either have an in-house janitorial and maintenance staff in place or will go outside and hire a commercial cleaning service. Since a cleaning and housekeeping service will come in after hours and not interrupt the daily operations of that business, it makes more sense to hire them rather than hiring a full-time, in-house janitorial staff to do the work.

When business owners and managers start looking for a commercial cleaning service, they are usually confronted with a number of choices to filter through before making the decision to contract one of them. The following is a list of what you should look for when choosing a commercial cleaning service:

  • Make a list of the companies in your local areaa list of 5 or 6 local companies should be sufficient and will enable you to make a better decision. Whenever possible, make sure that company has a local area phone number and a physical address.
  • Interview a representative from each company on your list ask to see credentials and inquire about their experience and liability insurance (you don’t want to have to pay for any damages or injuries to their employees). In addition to this, ask to see their contract and read it thoroughly asking questions whenever you need to. Each company is going to want you to contract to them for a certain length of time. However, there should be a clause about backing out of the contract if the cleaning service fails to perform up to your expectations.
  • Get a price quote from each company in most cases, each company will have to visit your office to see what the job entails before giving you an estimate of the monthly cost. The better commercial cleaning service companies will provide cleaning, dusting, mopping, sanitizing the restrooms, and vacuuming. Some companies will include carpet cleaning two or three times per year in the contract. Also, get references from each company so you can talk to their clients personally about the quality of their services.

From a budget standpoint, the lowest price commercial cleaning service company may not perform all the tasks that you need done. Conversely, paying the highest price will not always guarantee the best service. Aside from the information above, you can also contact a janitorial supply company for references.