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What A Bathroom Says About Your Business

The tale is all too common. You have a pleasant experience at a local business. Everything went well. The products were pleasing, the service was tremendous and you felt really good about the place. Then you went into the bathroom and found a mess. You can picture that very same bathroom at some lost highway desert truck stop. Then your feelings about the business change, especially if it is a food service business.
Some small business owners overlook certain aspects of the business. Unfortunately for them, the bathroom actually says a lot about you as a business owner. While not every business needs a marble-tiled sink, with folded towels, and a man dispensing cologne, customers will still have a more pleasant opinion of a business if the bathroom is nice, orderly, clean and modern.

Paper Towels
Take the paper towels for instance. Paper towels left out on the sink in a bathroom can lead someone to think that the business doesn't care about the customer's experience. But paper towels inside a new, modern dispenser can have the opposite effect. People will leave the bathroom feeling clean, refreshed and positive. They may even have better opinion of the business and not even know why.

Toilet Paper
Toilet paper can also leave an impression. Most people enjoy high quality toilet paper that is soft to the touch. A toilet paper dispenser that is modern, clean and efficient can make the bathroom experience much more positive. Conversely, toilet paper left near the toilet without a dispenser can make someone feel gross, and those feelings can be projected onto the business.

Keep It Clean
Good janitorial supplies can keep the bathroom clean. Not every business can give the bathroom a modern makeover, but every business can make an effort to keep the bathroom clean. A clean bathroom can leave a positive, healthy and welcoming impression on a customer. Most business owners tend to overlook the bathroom, but that may be bad business.