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WD-40 Company

When you are looking for lubricants that not only loosen those tight gears and hinges, but which also protect them, you are going to want to use the products that have decades and decades of history that prove that they are the choices of professionals, mechanics, engineers, and just regular people who want cost effectiveness and high quality. When it comes to lubricating sprays, the truth of the matter is that WD-40 has yet to be outdone. Sure, there are a lot of different products that come out and which are supposed to rival this classic product, but it's not often that you find classic products that stand the test of time.
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Part of the appeal of WD-40 is that people recognize the bottle with the straw. This is such a classic design, as a matter of fact, that most people are able to recognize the container, even when the label is not one it. When you ask someone which product you should use to deal with squeaking hinges and gears that are becoming tight and rusted, you always are going to hear the same answer. This isn't, however, just because people recognize the name and the packaging. On the contrary, it's because people recognize that the product works. It is completely safe and completely effective. There has yet to be a better product for metal lubrication and protection.