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Soft Car & Truck Brushes

A properly constructed vehicle wash brush is important when washing cars or trucks as it must have bristles that won't scratch painted metal surfaces. Whether used as a car wash brush or a truck washing brush, you want something with bristles made from polystyrene, polypropylene and natural fibers like Tampico (made from the Mexican agave plant) and Palmyra (derived from the Palmyra Palm grown in Southern India). When you buy a car cleaning brush here, you can rest assured that it will be a soft car wash brush that won't damage your vehicle's surface.

These brush head blocks are also vehicle friendly and made from plastic or nylon. Some also feature vinyl bumpers around the perimeter of the brush to offer even more protection. Most brush models are sold as individual units although this 10” dual-surface green Carlisle Flo-Thru model comes in case lots of 24 at money-saving wholesale prices.
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