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Using Pest Control Effectively

A major duty of janitorial staff and landlords around the world is pest control. Invading insects can carry disease and just generally reduce the quality of life for the inhabitants. Ants, cockroaches, silverfish and flies are a disgusting nuisance, and some like fleas or yellow jackets can pose a threat to the residents. Any building is a potential target for these little monsters making insect killing sprays as important to keep around the house as any other cleaning supplies.

Luckily there are a variety of products commercially available that can kill these beasts. Unfortunately just taking a can of bug spray and going after any bugs you see is not only time consuming but ineffective, and most bug bombs will not work unless used properly.

The first, and one of the most important things to consider when battling insect invaders is to use a spray or bomb specifically formulated for the type of insect you are trying to kill.. Cockroaches and wasps especially are resistant to the pesticides used to kill lesser creatures. Make sure your spray is labeled specifically for your target.

While it may be satisfying to spray the bugs you see as the scamper about your home or office like they own the place, it is even more important to ensure your are killing the ones you don't see. Crawling insects will likely nest under floor boards, cracks in calls, under rugs, and in light fixtures. Spray these areas whether you have seen insects there or not. Spray along common routes the insects travel along as well.

Once the house has been thoroughly sprayed it is important to find out how the bugs got inside. Check around the perimeter of the building for loose foundation, cracks in siding or along windows. Spray these areas thoroughly as well as under cracks in doors. For bugs that nest in hives like ants or yellow jackets you will need to find the queen's nesting place to kill them off for good. Spray entrances to ant hills frequently to increase the likelihood that workers will carry the poison to her. When dealing with stinging insects special protective gear may be required.

Finally, treat early and often. It is much easier to take out a small infestation than a larger one, and even after you have killed the majority of the bugs there may still be unhatched eggs or a few wily stragglers, so retreating areas is always a good idea.

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