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Top Tips For Storing Cleaning Supplies

There are plenty of essentials when you're operating a business. One of them that is often overlooked will likely be the janitorial supplies used to keep a business looking its best. Everyone can agree that there is a need for cleaning supplies in any business, but one of the biggest tricks is properly storing it for safety, efficiency, and more.
With that in mind, remembering a few tips when it comes to storing your cleaning supplies can help in a significant way.

You may need two storage locations one primary storage that stores the bulk cleaning supplies while you have a secondary one that gives easy access to anyone who needs commonly required items like toilet paper, trash bags, and paper towels. You'll restock the secondary area as needed using what's in the primary one. This helps you keep a closer eye on what is being used and when.

For larger facilities and those with a large janitorial workforce, storage carts may be needed as well. Carts help cleaning teams transport the cleaning supplies they need throughout the building while they do their duty. Load up a cart with the primary janitorial supplies your team will need to get their job done and keep it stored in a location that is easy for them to access. If multiple janitors are on staff, multiple carts may be needed.

If there is a break room in the building, it may need its own supply of items like Styrofoam cups, paper towels, trash bags, coffee stirrers, odor control products, and more. A small cabinet in the break room can help keep these items handy.

It's also important that care is taken when storing all cleaning chemicals. Bottles must be tightly lidded to prevent spills, and any additional precautions required by the chemical should be remembered for safety.

If you'll store your cleaning supplies properly you'll reduce waste, eliminate theft of the items, and help make it easier for you to keep track of what is needed and when it needs to be ordered. These simple tips should help do a good deal for helping you understand just what is needed when it comes to storing your supplies.