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Toilet Paper Basics

It may seem like a very simple subject, toilet paper, but these innocuous little rolls are a very important part of the bathroom experience, and the paper you choose for your restrooms reflects on your facility. Making a decision on which toilet paper to supply comes down to balancing two major factors: volume and comfort. In general, higher volume usage will place demands on a budget that require the purchase of lower quality paper.

Quality vs. Quantity and Cost
A challenge in choosing the right toilet paper for your janitorial supplies closet is determining how important the comfort factor of the paper is to your employees, clients, and/or customers. For many larger facilities, comfort is almost considered a non-issue, as bathrooms are considered to be nothing more than an unavoidable expense. In these cases, the large rolls of coarse one ply paper are the norm.

This may not always be in a business's best interest however. Studies have shown that when people are provided with heavier duty toilet tissue, they tend to use fewer sheets. This is due in part to the amount of toilet paper used has more to do with the mass of the wad of paper that people are comfortable with as a barrier being created. Thus, by springing for a slightly thicker and more absorbent paper choice a facility may find it, somewhat ironically, spends less overall on toilet paper purchases.

More luxurious establishments and customer service facilities like restaurants will likely want to purchase more comfortable toilet paper. Two or three ply strength is the bare minimum in a strength you would want in one of these settings. For a truly pleasant bathroom experience you may want to spring for aloe treated sheets. These are of course going to cost more than standard, coarse one ply paper. But ensuring your customers have a good bathroom experience is important for encouraging repeat business.

An Interesting Note On Toilet Paper

It is a question many of us have posed over the years, but most have never bothered to look into: Who invented toilet paper? The first sanitary tissues we would recognize as toilet paper came about in 1857. Joseph Gayetty manufactured flat sheets of tissue medicated with aloe and originally marketed them as a treatment for hemorrhoids, though it quickly gained popularity as a disposable sanitary tissue. But true toilet paper, in its modern incarnation, came about in the 1920's when Seth Wheeler set his perforated paper company to producing soft sheets of tissue around a roll, and the world has not been without it ever since.