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Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Restrooms are a necessary part of any business.  They must be kept clean and smelling fresh for a company to maintain a respected position and return business.  Cleaning toilets is not a glamorous job, but it is the foundation of a clean bathroom in a residential or commercial space.  Our toilet bowl cleaners at RYDOexpress provide several different cleaning approaches, including automatic cleaner, traditional cleaning solutions, and pumice toilet bowl ring remover for your janitors to try out.  We offer products from great brands, including Hy-Genic, Big Blue, Vanish, Clorox, Safe-T-Bowl, Lysol and more.  No matter what your toilet bowl cleaning needs, you can trust RYDOexpress to have all the cleaning agents you require.
Automatic toilet bowl cleaners utilize the fundamental design of toilets to keep the bowl clean and tidy.  The tablet or cake is inserted into the water in the tank of the toilet.  Over time, it slowly dissolves.  With each flush, the cleaner circles in and around the toilet bowl, prevent mold and mildew, as well as keeping stains from forming.  These cleaners are maintenance items, which should be used after a toilet has been cleaned thoroughly.  They typically last for around four months before another one has to be inserted into the tank.
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Traditional toilet bowl cleaners are typically liquids or gels that are applied directly into the toilet bowl itself.  They are followed by light scrubbing with a rag or toilet brush to remove build up of scale, mold, mildew, or stains.  Our bleach and non-bleach cleaners are made specifically to help keep toilets sanitary, stain-free, and smelling clean all the time.  They can be constructed as sprays, pouring liquids, or specially formed bottles with a neck that is tilted to allow the cleaner to apply cleaning liquid under the edge of the toilet bowl rim.  This gets cleaner directly to the place where more build-up or mold growth occurs.  

When a toilet has not been cleaned in a while, it can develop a ring of stains in the bowl from the water line.  Special pumice stone by Pumie can be used to gently but effectively remove the toilet bowl ring.  The Clorox toilet bowl cleaners also include a unique design called the toilet wand.  This method uses a reusable wand and disposable heads which have a scrubbing surface and cleaner built into them.  These allow you to effectively clean your toilets without getting your hands dirty.  Our wide selection of toilet cleaners will allow you to choose the best option for your facility.