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Tips For Stocking A Break Room

Your company's break room is actually one of the most important rooms in the entire building, even if you don't realize it. Employees need to be able to rest and recharge, and a good break room can boost their morale by offering them a place to do just that. It lets them feel like you're truly appreciative of what they do for the business. Additionally, it can be a place for employees to come together and share ideas. But the fact is that keeping that break room properly stocked can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. There are a few things you can keep in mind that will help, however.

First of all, be sure to include the basic things that your employees will want. Things like coffee, paper cups, napkins, and other simple supplies will matter in a big way. A fridge for them to keep snacks and drinks in will help, and perhaps even a vending machine. In short, try to provide everything they'll need to actually enjoy the break room.

Next, give them the simple tools and cleaning supplies that they need to help keep the room clean. Even if you have a janitorial staff, by providing basic items like paper towels, can liners, and more you will actually inspire them to handle a lot of the minor cleaning on their own. It will actually help your cleaning staff focus on other areas instead of constantly having to clean the break room, too.

Be sure that you don't just leave all the cleaning supplies or any of the supplies, for that matter sitting out all over the break room. Your employees will only enjoy using the room if it looks halfway decent, and a room filled with piles of paper towels and Styrofoam cups and hand sanitizer bottles doesn't look as neat or as professional as one with strategically placed items within easy reach and the rest tucked away in a storage drawer or cabinet.

It's also important that you don't overstock the break room, however. Sure, the inclination to place everything you have in those storage cabinets is strong, but in reality it will only lead to overuse or even potentially to theft from some dishonest employees. Instead, place enough for a week or so in the room and keep a check on it to ensure that everything needed is on hand.

If you'll remember these basic points you'll have no trouble stocking your break room and keeping your employees happy.