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The Proper Disposal Of Used Cleaning And Janitorial Product Containers

The Proper Disposal Of Used Cleaning And Janitorial Product ContainersOne of the more important responsibilities of cleaning and janitorial supply companies or services is to keep their clients informed about the products they sell and the proper disposal of their containers once they are empty.  Although most of your clients will use these products until they are gone and need to be replenished, they will throw out the containers that held them.  However, sometimes there are unused portions that remain once a cleaning task has been completed and the proper disposal of them may or may not be required.

A Word About MSDS Sheets

It is important to have an MSDS for every cleaning product that you sell to your clients or customers, especially if they are a cleaning or janitorial company such as a housekeeping or maid service.  MSDS is the acronym (abbreviation) for Material Data Safety Sheet, a written document outlining all important chemical and physical information regarding the use of cleaning and janitorial products.  These sheets also discuss the procedures for the handling of these materials as well as their proper disposal.  They should also contain potential hazard information, manufacturer contact information, and emergency procedures.

Is Disposal Always Required?

There are some cleaning products that are considered hazardous to the environment and human beings so proper handling and disposal of these materials is required.  In these cases, there are hazardous waste collection programs available in many cities for dealing with this issue.  However, not every product needs to be handled in this manner.  In some cases, unused portions of these products can be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet, pouring them down a sink drain, or simply throwing them in the trash.

From an economical and environmental standpoint, using cleaning products up rather than disposing of unused portions makes the most sense.  Either that or the person should donate or give away any remaining portions so that they are used in their entirety and all that remains is the empty container.  Unfortunately, although many commercial and domestic cleaning products today are now eco-friendly, their containers are not.

When these containers are disposed of, they wind up in a landfill somewhere and do not decompose.  Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to provide information on recycling these empty cleaning product containers once they have been thoroughly rinsed out.  This also applies to the disposal of aerosol containers which are now accepted by many recycling companies throughout the US.