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The Must-Have Janitorial Supplies For Any Business

Health and sanitation are both very important in any public area, and keeping a business as clean as possible is important. Whether it's a major facility that has a full janitorial staff or a small business that expects its three employees to help keep the place clean, making sure that janitorial supplies are close by is important. However, not every business should spend a small fortune on stocking up their cleaning closet. While it's great to have a wide range of supplies on hand, a few simple janitorial supplies are all that is really needed to keep a business clean.

With that in mind, the following are the must have janitorial supplies for any business, listed in no specific order.

1. Paper Towels Sure, it's easy to say that using rags or cloths is more economical or environmentally friendly, but the reality is that most companies won't be washing and reusing them. Paper towels are a must for drying hands, cleaning spills, wiping down surfaces, and more. In short, they're indispensable in a business cleaning closet.

2. Bleach While it's not always used, bleach is something that really can't be done without. It has the power to kill nearly any germ or virus, and can also work wonders on cleaning nearly any surface. It may not be commonly utilized, but it's worth keeping some bleach on hand just in case.

3. Garbage Bags Any business will end up generating trash, and that means it has to go somewhere. Make certain that your business is fully stocked with garbage bags at all times or you'll end up regretting it.

4. Odor Control Chemicals No matter what type of cleaning product you use, sometimes you just need extra help in controlling the odor. It can ruin a client or customer's perception of your business to encounter a foul odor, and as a result keeping some kind of odor control solution close by is a good idea. It could be a powder, a spray, or something else, but don't overlook it.

5. Hand Sanitizer Keeping germs at bay is a must as well, and having hand sanitizer anywhere that it can be easily accessed is important for helping your employees stay safe and healthy.

You'll notice that things like specific cleaning solutions, mops, brooms, and similar items aren't listed above. That's because different businesses will need or desire different things. Carpeted offices will need a vacuum while warehouses will rely on brooms, for instance. The items listed above are must-haves for pretty much any business of any kind, and really can't be ignored.