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The Importance Of Quality Paper Towels

There are plenty of different janitorial supplies needed to keep a business looking its best and as sanitary as possible. No matter the business, nearly any company will end up needing paper towels on a regular basis for light or heavy duty cleaning. As a result, it's important that the right paper towels are purchased.

One of the biggest mistakes that a company can make in terms of buying janitorial supplies is to buy cheap, low quality paper towels. The initial reasoning is sound in theory. After all, a paper towel is going to be used once or twice and then tossed in the garbage, so why spend more than needed on them? But there are a couple of things that can help highlight why this is actually a mistake.

There are plenty of paper towels out there that are a very high quality and are also affordable, but in many instances when you buy cheap paper towels you end up with an inferior product that will barely hold up to a single use. In other words, the towels simply won't clean up a spill or mess the way that they should.

Along with inferior performance, cheaper paper towels may also have fewer sheets to the roll. In other words, you're paying less but getting less. Sometimes just paying a dollar more can get a big increase in the number of sheets on a roll of towels.

You've probably noticed from the above two points that those cost savings may vanish immediately. Even if you spend less on your paper towels, your cleaning team will likely end up using more of them and running out faster, which will usually cancel out any potential savings.

It can also lead to lower productivity from your team. When they have to use extra paper towels or can't adequately clean up a spill, it can quickly lead to reduced efficiency.

Obviously, a paper towel isn't going to bring down a company and lead it to bankruptcy. But in small ways, the right paper towels can have at least a tiny impact on your daily routine and on your budget. And as they say – every little bit helps. This is why spending just a bit extra can lead to some serious improvements overall. Price certainly isn't everything, and sometimes higher quality is worth the cost.