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The Different Kinds Of Industrial Mops

The Different Kinds Of Industrial MopsWhen it comes to facilities management, the job gets done right when the worker has the right tool. If you give your cleaning staff the wrong tool they will not be able to clean as well as you like, no matter how good they are at their job. It is vital to put the right equipment into qualified hands if you want a clean working environment. And not item is too trivial to overlook. Here is a guide to commercial mops for facilities management.

The Strip Mop

A strip mop is fitted with strips of industrial cloths. These cloths are very easy to clean and are good with a ringer, but they don’t pick up much liquid. This makes the mop very good for small spills when time of the essence.

The Sponge Mop

Fitted with a removable and replaceable sponge, these mops are capable of picking up a medium amount of liquid. They are good for small spills when a bucket and ringer are not nearby. These mops are cost effective because the heads can be replaced easily.

The String Mop

Braided string contains an immense amount of surface area and this mop can pick up a lot of liquid. It requires a bucket and ringer, but this is the best mop for large surfaces. These string mops are best used after hours when nobody else might be around.

The Flat Top Mop

These flat top mops have been made popular in the home in recent years. They feature a very small and thin flat top that can be replaced easily. They do not use a bucket or ringer and are good for very small messes. Of course, there is the dust mop, but that’s not really a mop at all. Consider the workspace and the jobs required when equipping your staff with the right mops.