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The 5 Most Essential Business Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

The 5 Most Essential Business Bathroom Cleaning SuppliesYou probably remember the last public bathroom you walked into. If that bathroom was attached to a business, you probably developed an opinion about that business based solely on the bathroom. Some of your judgments were likely made on issues that the business can’t control, such how the bathroom was built or when it was built. But the rest of those judgments were likely based on one very important observation – cleanliness.

It is fact: clean bathrooms make a business look better to the customer. It is a part of the overall customer experience and goes a long way in word of mouth advertising. Think about it, you’ve probably heard people rave about two types of public bathrooms—the really nice ones or the really nasty ones. Which end of the spectrum do you want to represent?

Most small and medium-sized business owners aren’t experts in bathroom cleaning technology. That is why this list has been compiled; for your convenience:

1. Green Cleaning Products

The world is going green and the environment is important to most of your customers. Well, you can rid your bathroom of that acidic chemical smell and make your green-conscious customer happy with green cleaning products.

Green cleaning products simply lack all those nasty chemicals that can be harsh on surfaces and on the nostrils. The product is made out of natural products that are scientifically infused to create an environmentally friendly product. These green products are usually really good for all-purpose cleaning.

2. Scum Removers

Most bathrooms have tiny little nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean. This is a problem because moisture lives in the bathroom. And where there is moisture, there is bacteria, mildew and mold. It is a fact of life. This nasty stuff can crud up, even on smooth surfaces. It can create the appearance of brown or green stains in the grout and corners of the bathroom.

To rid the bathroom of these eye-sores, use a scum remover. There are some great removers out there that bubble up on contact. You just let them sit for a while and the bubbles do a bit of the cleaning for you. When they are done bubbling, you just wipe them away. Doing this regularly prevents this nasty stuff from showing up.

3. Toilet Cleaners

Toilets get nasty and everyone knows the reason why. The porcelain surface doesn’t prevent nasty stuff from building up. You’ve got to get in there with a toilet cleaner on a regular basis to keep the toilet clean. And toilet cleanliness is very important, especially to women.

4. Anti Bacterials

Like we’ve mentioned earlier – bacteria lives in the bathroom. And this bacteria can make workers, customers and business owners sick. That is why it is a good idea to spray the counters and surfaces of the bathroom with an anti-bacterial spray. Most sprays out there kill up to 99.9% of all germs on any surface. And you’ll find the most germs on a surface in the bathroom.

5. Hard Stain Remover

This type of product is especially important for bathrooms with a lot of metal. Also, if the bathroom has direct access to the outdoors or is built in a damp part of the country, it will develop hard stains. Hard stains include lime, rust, stains and graffiti paint.

There are products out there that can blast this stuff away. There are very abrasive “sponges” that are designed to grind the nasty stuff off the metal. There are also chemicals that are proven to weaken even the nastiest lime build up. By covering all of your bases, you can keep your business’s bathroom sparkling.