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Stop The Spread Of Disease In The Workplace

Sickness leads to a loss of productivity at the workplace. This loss in productivity happens for a few different reasons. The first reason is pretty simple the sick employee misses time at work. But the missed time at work leads to a lot of other problems. Other employees now have to handle the sick employee's workload, which they may or may not be qualified to do. This causes the employees to lose focus and the sick employee's workload suffers for a reduction of quality.

Sometimes sick workers stay in the workplace instead of calling out sick. You might think this is beneficial to the company as far as productivity goes, but it is not. Sick employees produce poor work, and when they come in contact with customers, they may also give the business a bad image. Plus, the sick employee can spread the germs to other employees at the workplace, causing a domino effect of lost productivity until the illness makes the rounds through the whole company. In other words, if you're sick, the best thing to do, for yourself and others, is to stay home.

The most common cause of contagious infection is other workers coming in contact with the sick employee. Cold and the flu are airborne viruses, meaning that a sneeze or a cough can transmit the disease. But the most common place for disease transfer to take place is in the bathroom. Contaminated surfaces in the bathroom can lead to transmission and reduced productivity.

The sick employee will likely wash their hands in the bathroom or go to the bathroom to blow their nose. They will grab for a tissue or paper towel. Some paper towel dispensers allow for the contamination of other paper towels in the roll. The next employee to use the bathroom could get sick. But there are some dispensers that are automated or break the towel away from the dispenser before the next towel is dispensed. These dispensers can also help stop the spread of the virus.