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Sorbents, Spill Kits & Sweeping Compounds

Our selection of spill kits, sweeping compounds, grit sand and other sorbents give you access to the cleanup materials you need to have on hand in the event of material spills of all types of liquids. Whether it's an overfill incident at a gasoline filling station or an overturned oil container in an industrial location, having the right universal sorbent or oil and grease absorbent on hand will give you the capability of dealing with the problem quickly and to mitigate the risks posed by spills.
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Buy Sorbents and sweeping compounds to keep your floors clean and safe. Emergency response vehicles typically carry sorbent pads or sorbent compound in order to deal with auto accidents causing leaking fuel tanks, and gas stations routinely use sorbents for dealing with dangerous gas spills at their facilities. Choose from sanded grit-based sorbents for use on concrete and wood surfaces or grit-free products for use on finished or painted surfaces. Other options include powders, pads, socks and rolled mats. It is important to contain and clean up spills immediately in the workplace. Slippery floors and dangerous chemicals are a huge liability for certain kinds of businesses.