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Stock up on powerful ways to fight germs, ensure hand hygiene, boost immunity, soothe symptoms and add an extra level of protection. Good health is in your hands. According to the CDC, washing hands is one of the most effective ways you can stay healthy and avoid spreading germs to others. Let our soaps and dispensers help you make handwashing a part of your daily wellness routine.

Any commercial childcare facility should mount soap dispensers on the walls in the bathrooms to make it easy for students to wash their hands. Most schools use soap refills already that go into these type of dispensers. Antibacterial hand soaps should be kept in the bathroom at all times to ensure that children are washing their hands after they use the restroom. Like other quality sanitizers, antibacterial soaps can help eliminate over 98% of germs that are commonly found in public restrooms and classrooms. Depending on the size of your classroom, you may want to consider getting a commercial sized container so that you don't run out too quickly.