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Rubbermaid Sebreeze Fragrance Cassettes

Sebreeze gel formulas provide rooms with continuous air freshening for 30 days. Fan dispensers use replaceable fragrance cassettes with odor absorbing gel. Sebreeze Gels absorb odors in the air and convert them to non-toxic, odorless compounds which  are safe. Gel dissolves as it’s used to give a visual cue to replace and the see-through fragrance cassette canister includes a battery for easy one-step replacement.
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Rubbermaid Commercial sebreeze gel fragrance cassettes for air freshening.
Citrus Breeze, lemon lime and Bing Cherry are popular for full Hospital wards, nursing homes, animal care, public sanitation facilities, and restrooms.
Ocean Breeze has a clean, ozonic fragrance for waiting areas, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, conference rooms, health clubs, restrooms, lounges, and lobbies.
Wintermint is refreshing and cool for public sanitation areas, food waste areas, waiting areas, health clubs, restrooms, lounges, lobbies, and hospital wards.
Lavender Bouquet was designed for doctor’s and dentist’s offices, conference rooms, health clubs, restrooms, lounges, and hotel lobbies.
Fresh Apple is best for restaurants and foodservice establishments.
Neutral Absorbs odors with almost no scent in areas where there may be people sensitive to fragrances, such as hospitals and nursing homes.
Cedar Forest uses natural cedar oils for doctor’s and dentist’s offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, and closets to repel moths.
Cinnamon Spice is best used for offices, conference rooms, waiting areas, lounges, dressing rooms, nursing homes. Gel fragrance cassettes provide 24-hour odor air freshening for a full 30 days in your hotel, daycare, restaurant, school or office.