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Safety Signs warn of possible hazards and are good to put up after a floor has been mopped or someone has spilled liquid on the floor. Wet Floor signs give informative signals, warnings and also help the people in your establishment avoid the potential dangers of slipping. Browse this section to shop for safety signs, boards and cones to put up when you are cleaning your airport restrooms or store floors.
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Buy Safety Signs to steer patrons clear of hazards like wet floors and spills in your business. We want your business to be safe rather than sorry.  Mopping during business hours is something that often occurs because of spills and leaks.  Whether it’s from an accidental spill, or just an area that needs cleaning, you may need to do it right away while patrons are there. We want the customers, employees, and your business to be safe while the floors dry. One way this can be accomplished is to set up caution signs to warn people of the wet floor. Our bright yellow signs are impossible to miss. What you will find is a two-sided floor sign in English, Spanish, French and German.  Keep your business safe from this liability from an injury, by practicing safe business methods. High visibility wet floor signs let your employees and customers know floors are freshly mopped or wet to prevent slips and falls that can drive your insurance costs through the roof.