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Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer

Purell is the #1 brand of instant hand sanitizer in the world with a market share of 70%. It is one of the top 10 known brands in the world. Good hand hygiene is one of the keys to breaking the chain of germ transmission and PURELL makes it simple with a wide range of solutions that put hand sanitizing within easy reach. Cold and flu season is a perfect time to highlight these products and get PURELL in the hands of your customers.
Buy wholesale purell hand sanitizer from the leader in hand disinfectants. In our busy, on the go world, people cannot always get to soap and water when it’s needed most.  When shopping, handling merchandise, money, or even door handles, many germs are collected.  Help your customers be healthy, and germ free by keeping the portable .05 oz Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer available.  The handy Purell 2Go comes in either the version of just the bottle, or the carrier that will attach to backpacks, key rings, purses, brief cases, diaper bags and more. Purell is Americas #1 instant hand sanitizer, and kills 99.99% of most common germs.  It works in as little as 15 seconds, and is used without water.  Purell is also specially formulated with moisturizers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.

Keep Plenty of PURELL on Hand

Did you know that 80% of germs can be transmitted by hand? And that one person can transfer germs to up to six others? No wonder illness can spread like wildfire. Luckily, there’s PURELL. From the ES Everywhere System to convenient kits, PURELL delivers a range of sanitizing solutions that fight germs - and one even supports the fight against cancer.

Purell ES Everywhere System

Another great PURELL sanitizing solution, the innovative PURELL ES Everywhere System, puts hand hygiene right where it’s needed: near self-serve food counters, vending machines, time clocks, water fountains, copy machines, elevators, baby-changing stations—the possibilities are endless! With its small footprint and multiple mounting options, this handy system fits where dispensers and bottles just don’t.