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Protecting Yourself From Harsh Cleaners

Making sure that a home or business is in pristine shape is important. A clean business runs smoother and makes a much stronger impression on clients, while keeping employee morale and motivation high as well. But many cleaning supplies can have a negative impact on those who use them on a regular basis. Whether it's damage caused by breathing in the fumes of cleaning chemicals or irritation of the skin caused by them, protecting yourself from potential injury done by harsh cleaners is important.

There are a couple of janitorial supplies that can help outright. For starters, wearing decent gloves at all times is important. Rubber gloves that are easy to put on and remove will help protect your hands from the stronger chemicals and cleaners. Instead of directly touching certain chemicals or tools, use other supplies that eliminate the need to do so whenever possible. For instance, when mopping always use a mop bucket never hand wring the mop. As for breathing in fumes, if you know that you'll be using particularly harsh cleaning supplies, consider wearing a simple paper face mask to filter out most of the damaging particles.

Another option is simply to avoid certain chemicals. Today, the selection of cleaning supplies is incredibly large. As a result it's easy to find alternatives to products that may be damaging skin or lungs. While in some instances those products may not be quite as strong, it could be worth having to put a little extra work into a cleaning job if it means not having lung or skin irritation. Take a look at the various options and consider safer chemicals.

One thing to remember as well is never to mix chemicals. Chemical reactions are dangerous and unpredictable, and many cleaning supplies today have multiple ingredients. In short, never mix any chemicals or you could be setting yourself up for even worse risk.

There are also some little things that you may be able to do as well. For example, using skin creams to rehydrate the skin after it has been dried out by cleaning supplies could help significantly. A thicker brand of paper towel may actually help reduce the amount of a chemical that is contacted. All in all, there are lots of little things you can work into a cleaning job that may help in a big way.

Simply put, your health and safety should always be top priority. These tips may be able to reduce the level of irritation you experience as a result of your cleaning duties, and are all well worth thinking about.