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Protect Your Investment By Cleaning Your Boat

A boat is a prized treasure. It truly is a luxurious item that is bought with disposable income. Everyone knows how to clean a car because almost everyone owns or has access to a car. But not everyone knows how to clean a boat. Cleaning a boat properly can add to its longevity. The body and hull of the boat won't fall prey to bacteria, mold or parasites. The whole boat will retain a much higher resale value if the boat is cleaned regularly.

Most bacteria live in water. Mold needs moisture to thrive. Since a boat lives in the water, it is susceptible to these things. But bacteria and mold are not the only things that a boat owner should be weary of. Many invasive species live in the water was well. The most common invasive species is the barnacle. These crustaceans cling to the side of boats, weighing the boat down, decreasing the hull's life span and decreasing the resale value. Cleaning a boat should address invasive species as well.

Most people are surprised to hear that there are boat specific janitorial supplies. While cleaning the inside of the boat can be done with common cleaners, the outside of the boat can be dealt with using boat-specific cleaners.

The Boat�s Carpeting

Not many people are aware of the boat's carpet when the boat is in operation. People often track dirty feet across the boat's carpet. The carpet is likely to encounter some nasty fish parts, spilled beverages and dirty water. Most people just try to stay in the boat when it is running, not caring for the craft's carpeting.

Cleaning a boat's carpet can be done by spraying the carpet down with a power washer from bow to stern. A garden hose can work just as well in some instances. Most boat's carpets are designed to let go of dirt and grime with a good spray, but you may want to take the clean a little further with a wet vac.

Your Catch's Livewells

Throwing live fish into your livewells with dirty pond, lake, river or sea water can turn the tank into a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. You've probably smelled some horrendous scents wafting from your live well from time to time.

Since live fish are put into the live well, it is a good idea to use a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaner on your emptied and dried well. Non-toxic cleaners will not harm the fish, so you'll have a healthy catch to bring back to shore. Any cleaner that gets into the fish will get into you if you eat the fish, too.

The Boat�s Hull

A car reaps tremendous benefits from new tires. New tires reduce the amount of back-pressure coming from the road by reducing certain types of friction. The car usually gets noticeably better gas mileage after new tires are installed. A boat gets the same benefit from a recently washed hull. The clean gives less resistance to the water as the boat cruises, making the boat go faster while using less fuel.

A high-pressure hose can take any invasive species, like barnacles, as well as mold and bacteria, off the hull. Then a commercial boat cleaner can be applied. The commercial boat cleaner will make the hull slippery and destroy the environment where the mold, invasive species and bacteria have thrived. The commercial boat cleaner works best while the hull is still wet from the pressure wash.

A clean boat usually gets noticed by boat enthusiasts and people looking to buy a boat. Cleaning protect the investment made in the boat with your disposable income.