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Products To Consider Stocking For Your Housekeeping Business Or Maid Service

Products To Consider Stocking For Your Housekeeping Business Or Maid ServiceWhether you own a commercial and domestic cleaning business or a janitorial supply, you are going to need a full range of cleaning and janitorial products to better serve your clients or customers.  It is important, therefore, to make sure that you are stocking the right cleaning tools, materials, and products.  This is especially true for new businesses that do not have a lavish budget for investing in these items.

The Basic Materials

Paper towels and rags are a thing of the past and have been replaced by microfiber cloths that pick up the dirt more effectively and are made from non-abrasive materials.  They can be used whether they are dry or wet, but you should also have sponges in your cleaning arsenal as well.  In addition to these, you should stock all-purpose cleaners, powdered cleansers that contain chlorine bleach, and window cleaners (ammonia-based).

Specialty Products To Consider

If your clients or customers have surfaces manufactured from special materials in their place of business or residence, you are going to need cleaning products that have been specially designed and developed for those types of services.  For instance, if the surface has been made from wood you should only use oil soap to clean them.  Additionally, you will need specialty cleaning products for those clients or customers that have leather furniture.

Tools Of The Trade

There are certain cleaning tools that are required when standard cleaning cloths and solutions will not do the job.  When you are cleaning floors instead of carpeting, you are going to need angled brooms and dustpans, dust mops, and sponge or string mops.  For tougher cleaning jobs and stains, nothing beats a good scrub brush.  Additionally, mirrors and windows can be cleaned much easier using a squeegee.  Finally, if you purchase a caddy or cart, you will be able to carry all of your cleaning products and tools a lot easier.

Additional Considerations

You should have a supply of rubber gloves when cleaning with caustic chemicals as well as disposable wipes for minor clean-up tasks.  Ammonia and white vinegar can be used when other cleaners don’t work.  Bleach is also recommended for cleaning tile grout but be careful when using it.  You should also keep a toothbrush or two on hand for those hard to reach places.  Finally on a cautionary note, be careful when using ammonia, bleach, and white vinegar.  If these liquids get mixed, the fumes they produce are potentially deadly.