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Pets and Kennels

Our animal facility disinfectants and deodorizers kill germs and break down odors, while our enzymatic floor cleaners degrade odor and disease causing matter. They are all nontoxic and non-hazardous to pets.

Benefits of Kennel Cleaners

  1. Specially designed for pets.
  2. Keeps your pets healthy from disease.
  3. Safe cleaners for pets.
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The spread of infectious agents can be controlled effectively, safely and economically through the implementation of a consistent and sustained cleaning protocol. ProVetLogic Professional solutions provide surface penetration and organic removal efficacy unmatched by standard chemical products.
Kennel cleaning protocol:
  1. Remove animals from the area
  2. remove food and water dishes, toys and bedding from the area
  3. remove heavy debris and rinse floor
  4. apply premixed solution to floor
  5. agitate surface using a scrub brush
  6. allow solution to stand
  7. rinse or squeegee the solution into drain
  8. let dry before returning animals