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Paper Water Cone Cups

If you are hosting a marathon, triathlon or other sporting event where you need disposable cups for quick temporary bursts, cone cups are excellent. One unique property of cone cups is that people can't just sit them everywhere. The don't sit down. So you have to drink your drink and dispose of the cup. They are great for office breakrooms, water coolers, gatorade coolers at ball games, waiting rooms, lounges and concession stands.
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Buy Paper Cone cups for water, gatorade and other beverages in your workplace. These pointed disposable cups have a niche in health clubs, office water coolers, marathons, triathlons and other sporting events. Most teams put them in a cup dispenser mounted on the side of the beverage dispenser for easy access. Also, don't forget to have trash cans nearby as these paper cone cups are meant to end up in the trash since they can not be layed down anywhere.