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Paper Towels: Kitchen, Hardwound, & Multifold

Hand Towels and Paper Towel Dispensers from RydoExpress are found in most restrooms around the country. Paper Towel dispensers are used to dispense paper towels efficiently in restroom or bathrooms by mounting them on the walls near the sink areas. Companies, malls, restaurants and any other business will love the ease of refilling our paper towel dispensers.
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Buy Paper Towels and Dispensers for high volume restrooms in companies and schools today. Choose from multifold, singlefold, cfold, centerpull and hardwound roll towels for your bathrooms.

Paper Towel Buying Considerations

1. Check how many individual units/roll are in the case and calculate the cost per unit/roll or compare the number of sheets and size of the sheets to compare the cost on perforated rolls and folded paper towels. Manufacturers will trick you by providing less towels per sleeve. With roll towels, manufacturers will shorten the rolls to cut costs as well, but you end up with less paper towels.

2. Compare the type of paper. Embossed or quilted? Quilting/embossing adds higher absorbency, softer feel and additional cost versus flat sheets. They are more expensive because of the additional expense associated with enhanced raw materials and processes to finish the paper.

3.Whiter, brighter sheets equals more money. Making sheets is a process that needs more virgin pulp to produce whiter product, thus costing money. Go with natural brown paper towels for the lowest cost.

4. When in doubt, weigh the individual roll or case. That will help determine the quality of the product compared to a similar one. Some manufacturers will cheat on paper basis weight to drive down the price with a lower quality product. They cheat by offering a product with thinner weight or thickness paper in its raw material state.

5. For branded paper towels, manufacturers will offer deep discounts for high volume end users. You need ask based on your volume use.

Paper Towel Color?

White or Bleached typically costs more and contains less post-consumer recycled fiber. White paper towels need more virgin pulp to produce a whiter product, thus costing more money. White paper may vary significantly in quality as well.

Brown / Kraft / Tan / Natural paper towels are typically cheaper and contain more post-consumer recycled fiber which makes them more economical. Kraft paper quality does not vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer either.