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Office Cleaning Demands Change With The Season

Office Cleaning Demands Change With The SeasonWinters can be incredibly tough. At first, they look pretty with all the white snow. Then the white snow turns into brown mush that the plows have salted. And that brown mush gets plowed up to the side of the road. Then the days get shorter and darker. And all you want to do is be on a beach somewhere. Then spring hits and you get a pep in your step.

Your business’s cleanliness also goes into these seasonal cycles. Your workplace has different cleaning demands in the winter than it does in the spring and summer.

In the winter, people trek in snow and muck from the outside. There is much less daylight and the workplace remains darker. This makes visibility suffer. In the winter time, you want to focus on keeping the floors clean and walkable. You want to clean and dry the floors regularly. You also want to keep the carpets dry by putting down a dry carpet cleaner.

But when the good weather rolls around, things change. The doors stay open, the sun stays up in the sky a little longer and visibility is at an all-time high. This means that people can see the small things, including small blemishes on the furniture and windows. When spring rolls around, you want to focus on the floors a little less and focus on the furniture a little more. This means you need a lot of all-purpose cleaner, wood spray and window cleaner.

Since people aren’t tracking in snow anymore, you can focus on things that are eye level; things that people can see with the added sunlight. It is also a good time for a deep carpet cleaning to make the workplace smell as fresh as possible. Employees and customers should just as happy inside your building as they are outside of it during the summer days.