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Odor Control Air Fresheners and Deodorizers

Odor Control air fresheners and deodorizers for your home, office, rooms, cars, bathrooms, kitchen, hospital etc. Shop online with RydoExpress for a wide variety of odor neutralizing and odor removing products. All our odor control products are of the best quality and will give you the best performance in any workplace. They will remove that dirty smell and make your room smell good. Air freshening brands include Chase, Timemist, Amrep, Airwick and Hospeco. Use automatic metered air dispensers for hands free air freshening.
Odor Control Products ranging from metered aerosols from timemist to ozium to airwick. Breathe easier! Keeping the air in your workplace fresh and clean is especially important during cold and flu season. Check our selection for products that instantly deodorize, kill bacteria and eliminate odors at their source. Healthcare facilities need an automated way to keep the air in their buildings fresh and clean. Air Fresheners and deodorizers come in many different scents, including berries, cinnamon, apples, citrus and just a clean fresh smell. When groups of people get together, it is a good idea to spray these products in rooms that are prone to odors, such as restrooms, kitchen areas or areas where trash is kept. Daycare centers are also an area where offensive odors may linger due to diapers and other baby related incidents. In areas such as these you need a long-lasting air freshener that not only rids the room or odors, but also kills germs in the room as well. Air sanitizers get that job done.

Buy our wholesale Healthcare Air Fresheners for your hospital. You may choose from sprays, gels or timed dispensers that mist the room with air freshener at time intervals. Gels are ideal for restroom and other areas that are prone to odors, as you place it in the room and it freshens for up to a month before requiring a replacement. The time mist meters are also good for these areas as well as any room, as you can turn the unit off or on and also set it to release a mist every 15 minutes to keep the air fresh.