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Napkin Dispensers

Make it easy for your dining patrons and breakroom employees to get napkins for lunch and dinner. Not all dispensers are created equal. Some of our napkin dispensers help to reduce the usage, thus saving you money. Buy Napkin Dispensers for your company breakrooms, coffee shops and restaurants.
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5 Benefits of using table top napkin dispensers in your food serving establishments:

1. Your checkout counter does not get overwhelmed by patrons needing more napkins.
2. Less storage required at the counter since the napkins are in the dispensers distributed throughout the restaurant.
3. Less foot traffic and congestion within the dining area from customers having to go get more napkins.
4. There is less waste when dining patrons have the napkins accessible at the table. They take as they need instead of loading up at the counter.
5. One napkin at a time reduces waste from employees giving customers too many napkins.