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Mop Bucket Wringer Combos

We have all of your janitorial supplies covered for industrial and commercial cleaning. Our rubbermaid mop bucket wringer combos will last for years in any business, office, school or workplace. Our mopping supplies are ergonomic for repeated use.
Buy Mop Bucket and Wringer Combos to clean your hard floors thoroughly. I’ve been a janitor for nearly forty years, and I can tell you one thing for sure: There are few things in this life that people underestimate more than the importance of a good mop bucket. I ain’t talkin’ about one of them cheap bendy kinds with the coat-hanger-then handle. Them’s the kind of buckets you see some gender-confused hairdresser named Tito carry around his girly smellin’ beauty products in. Tito’s pansy-ass bucket ain’t good for much of anything except to pick up after some silicon-inflated woman’s poodle that just crapped on the salon floor. No, I’m talking about a man’s mop bucket. I’m talking about the sturdy kind with rotating wheels and the adjoining mop wringer with side press. You know what I mean. I’m talking about the kind of mop bucket that can clean up a puddle of puke in the girls’ bathroom at 9:30am, and by 9:55 it’s ready for what’s coming from the fat kid who just agreed to eat a sandwich out of the dumpster on a dare.
Some might argue that they’s more important things in this world than the companionship of a strong mop bucket. “What about a good friend,” such folks will say. “What about a wife, or a girlfriend?... What about money or a job?” I even had one fella tell me that the thing he values most is sipping a glass of Italian wine while listening to a Michael Bolton CD. I beat the hell out of that guy.
But I have to disagree with all them other choices. Sure, a wife is okay. But my mop bucket ain’t never spent any of my money. I ain’t never gotten even one phone call from a collection agency or a Target store tellin’ me that I owe them money because my mop bucket wrote a bad check for a danged pair of women’s underwear and a box of feminine products. Likewise, when me and my mop bucket go to work, we work together. We’s a team. I mop and dip; my bucket rinses and wets. I ain’t never showed up a single day to find my mop bucket waitin’ fer me with a ‘honey do’ list.
Friends is okay, but they’ll turn on you. My mop bucket ain’t never had sexual relations with a female I was datin’. Well, except for one time—But my bucket ain’t the one that initiated it!
And, as for money or a job. Hey, you get yourself a reliable mop bucket with adjoining mop wringer and side press and, buddy, let me tell ya… you got all you need for promising career janitorial engineering.
Keep your danged relationships, big bank accounts, fancy cars, and big houses. Give me my mop bucket, a six-pack of American-brewed beer, some cleaning supplies, and at least fifty keys hanging from one key chain, and baby, that’s all I’ll need ‘til the good Lord comes to take me and mop bucket home. Keep it clean everybody.