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Moist Towelletes

Shop with RydoExpress for moist towelettes (wet wipe / wet nap / wet towel). Wet naps are a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that often comes folded and individually wrapped for convenience. Moist towelettes can be used for cleansing or disinfecting your hands and face after a messy meal. Moist wet nap towelettes in a giant size are especially useful for any company or establishment where food is served and where you hands can get messy. The extra-large style is perfect for employees or customers who want to use only one wipe for quick clean ups. The towels come one to a package for convenience. The scent is of fresh lemons which gives you a clean feeling. No alcohol is contained in these wipes, so they’re gentle for use even on young children and babies. The towels are pre-moistened, so there’s no need for soap and water.-->
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Buy Moist Towelletes and wet wipes for your barbecue restaurants and seafood restaurants today.