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Libman Commercial

For over 118 years, The Libman Company has continued to serve a wide variety of customers including several sectors of the commercial market. Over the past 10 years, Libman Commercial has evolved to focus specifically on the special needs of each market segment, from industrial to housekeeping to foodservice.

Through continuous product development and product improvement, our commercial line has developed into a specialized, unique and high quality offering that is one of the deepest in the broom, brush and mop industry. We continue to strive to also make it one of the broadest.

Aside from a quality and unique product line, 95% of the Libman line is manufactured from component to finished product in our 1.25 million square foot, vertically-integrated plant in Central, IL. With an extensive finished good and component inventory, all orders can be filled and shipped in 2-4 days. Libman has one of the highest service ratings in the industry, often exceeding 99% at almost all customers.

Libman is unmatched in the combination of quality, the amount of US-based production and service in the industry. Please contact us to learn more, or visit our History page to learn more about Libman's heritage.
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