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Konie Paper Cone Cups

Konie Cups International, an American company in business since 1949, manufactures high-quality, affordable Konie paper cone cups in several different sizes, including 4-oz, 4.5-oz, 6-oz and 7-oz. You'll find straight edge and rolled-rim cups, all in white and made from top-quality paper. Our Konie water cup selection is a great choice for use at sporting events such as triathlons and marathons because they're inexpensive, easy to drink from quickly and easy to dispose of. Konie water cooler cups encourage users to dispose of them properly since they can't be set down with liquid remaining inside.
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The Konie snow cone cup is ideal for use in concession stands, and since they require much less paper than ordinary paper cups, they're less expensive and more environmentally sound. Bulk Konie cups are offered here in wholesale case lots of 5,000 pieces each. Simply choose your preferred rim style and capacity size and order your required quantity. We've got you covered!