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Insecticides and other pest control products to keep pesky pests at bay in your business. Shop online with us for insecticides for mosquitoes, ant insecticides, insecticide foggers, and more. We stock insecticides from all leading manufacturers including raid and combat. Having bugs in your business facility is absolutely unacceptable.  Customers, clients, and employees will not want to frequent your company facilities if you have a continual pest problem.  Keeping a meticulously clean building will help you prevent a pest infestation.  However, sometimes cleaning diligently will not keep insects outside your doors.  If you have a pest problem, you need insecticides which will help you rid your business facility of the pests which impede your ability to grow as a business.  At RYDOexpress, we provide insecticide options from which you can choose.  There are targeted products for mosquitoes, ants, roaches, wasps, and other flying and crawling insects.
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Raid and Misty also make insecticide sprays to deal with crawling insect pest problems. These include roaches and ants, as well as other crawling insects. Misty even makes a spray insecticide which targets both crawling and flying insects in a single treatment. It's called Dualcide P3. Another way to deal with crawling insects is through gel insecticides. Gels are designed for the pests to eat them. Once ingested, the poisonous gel kills the pests. Gel insecticide products are injected into small spaces or crevices. Ants will collect the gel and take it back to the colony, killing the entire colony of ants at the source. Some of the most dangerous pests for a business are wasps and hornets, because they can injure visitors, clients, and employees. There are also a number of people who have allergies to these painful flying pests. It is important to stay safe when you are exterminating dangerous hornets or wasps. Raid makes a wasp and hornet spray which is effective from twenty feet away, so you can eliminate pests without getting stung. Dealing with pests is never fun, but with insecticides from RYDOexpress, we make it economical, effective, and simple.

In certain circumstances, you need to deal with pests very discreetly yet effectively. The Vector Discreet Fly System is a system that traps flies. It is highly effective, yet it is also approved for food preparation areas. We offer hard-to-find replacement bulbs for the Vector Discreet Fly System. We also have insecticides by Misty, Raid, and Microclean to deal with all types of flying insects. These sprays are approved by the EPA for use in commercial facilities. In fact, Misty Flying Insect Killer has such a low toxicity level and low VOC level that it is safe to be used in food processing and food preparation areas.