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Indoor Scraper Mats

Keep the mud, dirt and grime out of your business establishment by placing indoor floor mats at all of your entrances. Mats allow patrons to wipe off dirt and mud before entering your store. Catching dirt at the entrance to your business is the key. You should also sweet outside your entrances often to keep dirt to a minimum as well. It is highly important to keep your company environment clean and healthy for both workers and customers.  This is why we at RYDOexpress are committed to providing the best cleaning products at affordable prices for cleaning and janitorial crews, as well as company owners and managers.  The single most effective way to keep your business facility sparkling clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place.  We offer a variety of types and sizes of indoor scraper mats on which people entering the building can wipe their feet.  
Vinyl-backed mats prevent slipping, as clients and company employees enter a building.  This helps to keep slip and fall accidents from happening, reducing the danger of costly lawsuits.  There are options for light, medium, and heavy traffic depending on what you need for certain facilities.  There are a number of choices of materials from which these indoor scraper mats can be made.  Environmentally friendly recycled PET materials can be used to create a woven mat texture that is backed by a rubber backing, such as in the Charcoal Eco Plus indoor scraper mat.  Crush-resistant patterning is also possible with recycled PET materials.  The raised rubber design of mats like the Midnight Blue Eco Plus mat helps to remove liquid and dry debris from the shoes of the people entering.   A raised edge is what catches run off from the shoes.
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Another material used to make the top portion of the mat is Olefin, which yields a plush, loop-pile that is absorbent, a useful trait in wet weather.  The Olefin Walk-A-Away indoor mat is an example of this technology.  Polypropylene is used to create ribbed top mats for some indoor scraper mats, such as the Brown Needle Rib Indoor Wiper Scraper Mat.  The ribs help to scrape mud and debris off shoes as people entering a building walk into the space.  They work well in many applications, but they are especially suited to areas where workers may be walking through substances prior to entering a building, such as in manufacturing or construction.  

We also have mats which are specifically designed for heavy traffic areas in climates which sustain high amounts of water.  You spend a lot of hard-earned cash cleaning your facilities.  Keeping those buildings clean cuts down on janitorial costs.  It also prevents wear and tear to flooring materials throughout the building.  This saves money in the long run and in the short run when you purchase and use indoor scraper mats from RYDOexpress.  
Buy Indoor Scraper Mats for your workplace entrances to keep dirt from entering your facility.