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How To Start Your Own Cleaning or Housekeeping Service

How To Start Your Own Cleaning or Housekeeping ServiceIf you have thought about starting up your own cleaning or housekeeping service, concentrate on a specific industry niche and focus on targeting that audience. The commercial niche is comprised of cleaning services and janitorial supply companies while the consumer niche is dominated by cleaners, housekeepers, and residential maid services. Just keep in mind that this is not going to be a “get-rich-quick” endeavor. You must possess good management skills and pay attention to details.

The following is a list of 7 steps to consider when you are starting up a new cleaning or housekeeping service:

1) Learn as much as you can about the housekeeping industrythe best way to do this is to be employed by an established cleaning or housekeeping service until you have enough knowledge regarding all the aspects of the business.

2) Determine whether you want to serve commercial or domestic clients or bothwhile commercial clients prefer that you do your work before or after business hours, domestic clients may be far more demanding.

3) Develop your business planas with any other start-up business, you’re going to need a business plan. It should also include information on:

• accounting and taxes
• the focus of your marketing plan
• types of services you’ll be offering
• whether or not you are going to hire employees
• who your target market is
• your first-year projected income

4) Register your businessyou’ll need to obtain a business license from the city where you are located and file for an employer's identification number (EIN) if you are going to have any employees working for you.

5) Talk with several professionals regarding your businessyou’ll need to create a list of your prices and services, hire a business attorney to assist you in drafting a contract, and purchase liability insurance.

6) Purchase your equipment and suppliescontract with a local janitorial supply company. You’re going to need the basics such as brooms, buckets, cleaners and detergents, cloths and sponges, an industrial vacuum cleaner, and trash can liners. You will also need to purchase paper products.

7) Address your advertising and marketing needsdevelop your marketing plan and start advertising your business brochures, flyers and local ads as well as on the internet.

If you have no objection to doing a lot of hard work and getting dirty on a regular basis, starting up and operating your own cleaning or housekeeping service can be a richly rewarding experience. Just keep the above steps in mind before you get started.