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How To Make Your Cleaning Service Or Janitorial Supply Company More Profitable

How To Make Your Cleaning Service Or Janitorial Supply Company More ProfitableProfits are essential to any business large or small because they enable companies to grow and generate a sustainable cash flow.  Without these factors, no business can survive, especially in today’s unstable economy.  Cleaning services and janitorial supply companies are no exception to this rule.  Whether you own an established business or are just starting out, you should understand how to increase them without diminishing the quality of the products or services that you are providing your clients and customers.

There are 3 areas or aspects that you need to be concerned with if you want your cleaning service or janitorial supply company to be more profitable:

  • Cost-controlling / cost-cutting measuresdramatically reducing or eliminating waste whenever possible is the key to being more cost-effective.  So it is essential that you discover wasteful business practices and manage your expenses more effectively.  Can you purchase cheaper materials from your suppliers? Can you decrease the number of suppliers and vendors that you use? Set an initial goal of reducing costs by 5% in these areas.

  • Determine where your business is profitablechances are, there are certain areas of your daily operations that are profitable and other areas that won’t be.  Additionally, you need to determine which of your clients or customers are adding the most value to your business.  Once you know which ones are the most profitable, focus more on them and look at ways that you can expand the number of products or services that you sell them.

  • Learn to drive profits when you build sustainable profits, the value of your business will increase.  When profit levels are poor, your attempts to grow the business by investing in it will be severely hindered.  You won’t be able to invest in new products or tools of the trade and worst of all, you won’t be able to hire new employees because there is no recognizable growth going on.

Be sure that you don’t overlook the way in which you advertise and promote your business.  Once you figure out who your target audience is, you will be able to reach that market more cost-effectively and profitably.  It pays to monitor and track your advertising results so that you can fine tune your marketing approach and achieve the greatest return on your investment.  If you have been tracking your profits and have noticed that they have been decreasing, you should consider following the above suggestions.