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How To Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

Anyone who’s ever watched any of the numerous shows devoted to, shall we say, less-than-spotless businesses, especially in the food service industry, will tell you that there is nothing that will make a person turn and run faster than a dirty restaurant. Neglecting to clean will hurt both your reputation and your bottom line. Not only will most customers leave and never come back, but also the health and safety services in your state will shut you down faster than you can say, “sanitizer.”
Here are 5 Rules For Keeping Your Restaurant Clean:
Rule #1: Keep your sanitizer water fresh, and your sanitizer cloth handy.
When you keep these items nearby, you decrease the amount of time it takes between spilling a product and cleaning it up, which means less time for the offending stain to set, and more time to get back to work.
Rule #2: Check your drains daily
Drains keep your floors clean by draining away offending water from mops and icemakers, and it helps prevent mold. If it’s stopped up, clear it. An obstructed drain is a haven for pests, especially fruit flies. And if you do get an infestation, clear it immediately.
Rule #3: Clean kitchen mats daily.
Kitchen mats are a must for most industrial kitchens, because even when all employees are wearing non-slip shoes (as they should), in high speed areas like restaurant kitchens, spills do happen on unprotected tile, and kitchen mats can help your employees work safely. But because they are walked on all day everyday, be sure to give them a washing at least once a day.
Rule #4: Store your cleaning products the right way.
Don’t store industrial cleaning products on any surface that touches food. This is good practice even if you don’t live in a state where the health services mandate this rule by law. Additionally, keep them stored at least 4 inches off the ground on a shelf through which you can see. This deters pests, while keeping products conveniently stowed.
Rule #5: Deep Clean!
At least once a week, the restaurant needs a good deep cleaning; this task can be performed by regular staff members. However, if it’s in the budget, it’s a smart idea to bring in restaurant cleaning specialists to do a top to bottom deep clean at least once a month in addition to your daily tasks. This will keep your kitchen and the dining room areas of your business spotless.
Remember: A clean restaurant means clean food, and clean food means repeat customers for business owners.
These are just a few good practices for keeping your business clean and safe, so you can get back to the business of making good food, so you stay in business.