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How To Keep A Trash Can From Smelling

There is a pretty common problem that we have all faced from time to time - the smelly trash can. The smell can make being in the kitchen unpleasant, which is a shame. The kitchen is a place where food is prepared and consumed. It is a room that is full of positive associations and a place where family and friends can get together inside the home. It is a shame to let a bad smell ruin those positive associations. The odor is capable of ruining more than just a positive mood; it can also dampen appetite and give you a bad reputation as a homemaker or unclean business. But odor can be fought, even in the most disgusting of trash cans.

Everyone knows that all sorts of nasty things get thrown into the trash. These items can mix up and create a rotten smell. But mold and bacteria are the main causes of disgusting odors in those nasty bags. Even food that has been thrown into the trash bags doesn't just rot on its own. It needs the right environment to grow mold and bacteria, and it is the mold and bacteria that makes the awful smell.

The good news is that mold and bacteria can be battled. You can throw away some of the nastiest trash on earth, but if you do a good job of fighting mold and bacteria in the trash bags themselves, then you shouldn't have a problem with the odor. Fighting the individual items inside the trash will only lead to frustration. Destroying the bacteria and mold will lead to a more pleasant odor in the kitchen. There are some common ways to rid the kitchen of this odiferous opponent.

Sprinkle Some Baking Soda

Baking soda does not attack bacteria or mold, but the powder fights odor on two different levels. Baking soda makes an area drier. It literally sucks moisture out of the air like baby powder or medicated powder does. Baking soda destroys the environment that mold and bacteria thrive in. If the area is dry, then mold and bacteria cannot replicate and will eventually die.

But baking soda also fights odors in a different way. The absorbent powder actually sucks the odor out of the air along with the moisture. You can look at it like under arm deodorant for your trash bags. This product stops mold and bacteria from reproducing and actively deodorizes your kitchen.

Bleach Kills Mold and Bacteria

Bleach is a pretty nasty chemical, but sometimes it is prudent to use bleach in order to kill odor causing mold and bacteria. Bleach dissolves mold and bacteria cells, cutting off odor right at the source. Of course, bleach should be used very carefully and in moderation. It may be a good idea to use bleach for an industrial waste site or in an older kitchen that may be saturated with mold and bacteria. The chemical in bleach may be able to damage the look and finish of your trash can, so it's a good idea to test a small spot on the can before applying bleach.

Kitty Litters Kill Odor

Cat litter can do the same job as baking soda. The litter is absorbent, pulling bad odors out of the air along with moisture. This turns the trash can into a desert where odor causing bacteria and mold cannot thrive. Of course, kitty litter comes with its own smell that you may or may not like.

Drier Sheets Cover Odor

People use drier sheets because they smell good. They suck bad odors out of clothes and replace them with good odors. These little sheets can do the same thing for your trash.