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How To Help Businesses Maintain A Well-Stocked Break Room For Their Employees

How To Help Businesses Maintain A Well-Stocked Break Room For Their EmployeesSmaller companies and large corporations alike are always concerned with employee productivity levels which are oftentimes attributed to employee morale. One of the best ways that an employer can do this is to maintain a properly cleaned and stocked break room. The importance of this cannot be overstated, hence the reason that so many cleaning and janitorial supply companies now offer these products for their clients and customers.

Break Room Supplies To Consider

It is important that these companies keep a broad range of products on hand and sufficient inventory levels to facilitate the needs of their clients or customers. So let’s start with the basic break room supplies your clients or customers will need. These include:

  • Bottled water and water coolers
  • Bucket and mop for cleaning floors and mopping up spills
  • Can liners, trash cans, and wastebaskets
  • Clean-up cloths/wipes, dish cloths, and hand towels
  • Disinfectant cleaners and sprays for chairs, countertops, and tables
  • Dispenser paper towels and hand soap for the restrooms and sink areas

In addition to the basics above, that company may have a coffee bar as well as coin-operated vending machines that dispense drinks and snacks installed in the break room. This also means that you will have to stock the necessary supplies including coffee, creamer, instant cocoa, and sugar as well as cleaning supplies, napkins, and plastic spoons or stir sticks. Additionally, since many employees bring their lunch and snacks with them in order to save money, having a microwave (or two) in stock could be beneficial as well.

Additional Considerations

Stress-related issues are extremely common in working environments, so those morning and afternoon breaks have become even more important where employee morale is concerned. These companies oftentimes turn to cleaning and janitorial supply companies or office supply retailers for their break room needs in order to generate a more peaceful and productive atmosphere. This enables them to maintain smoother company operations while showing their employees that they appreciate them.

As a cleaning and janitorial supply company, you should be offering break room supplies in your inventory along with your other services if you haven’t thought of this already. Online wholesale suppliers have certain advantages over land-based companies. You can access them around the clock, even on holidays and weekends, whenever you need to restock your break room supplies inventory. In addition to their accessibility, they have a broader range of products and are oftentimes more cost-effective that the standard brick and mortar retailer.