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Honeymoon Paper Products

When you partner with Honeymoon, you will receive custom solutions that exactly match your unique needs.
For over half of a century, Honeymoon Paper has solved problems and manufactured quality corrugated and folding carton food service packaging. Honeymoon’s products serve independent retail bakeries, supermarket bakeries and delis, and restaurants – nationwide.
Honeymoon endeavors to listen, ask insightful questions and bring you answers that make your business more productive and your customers happier. Solution driven innovation is the Honeymoon way. You will receive the best possible food packaging solutions at competitive prices from Honeymoon.

Innovations that enable bakers to be more productive and keep their products fresh longer

Flexibility that makes ordering and receiving just what you need when you need it is part of Honeymoon’s approach.

Service based on over half a century of customer-centered commitment means Honeymoon Paper Products will take care of you and your customers.
As far back as 1990, Honeymoon recognized the importance of sustainability when we introduced a new line of coated, grease-resistant products called Baker's White. Not only do these products continue to address environmental issues and provide better grease resistance than wax, the Baker’s White line is recyclable and cost effective.
Other significant Honeymoon innovations include thermoformed corrugated trays, release top coat (RTC) bake-in trays, corrugated cake boxes and windowed corrugated food service items.
In fact, thermoformed and RTC bake-in trays, from Honeymoon, are now a standard in food packaging. Their multi-functional nature saves you the cost of using more than one container for the life of your product.
From standard bakery packaging, including grease resistant corrugated cake boards and paperboard bakery boxes, to high end gold scallop cake boards and custom printed window boxes, Honeymoon has the size and appearance that is right for you and your customers.
Since 1960 and for another half century, Honeymoon Paper remains committed to innovation, flexibility, service and to you.