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Heavy Duty Kraft Bags

Our wholesale kraft paper bags are heavy duty and strong enough to hold all groceries without tearing or ripping. Make sure your clients are walking out with heavy duty paper bags to prevent tears and breakage. We stock every size of kraft bag for whatever your foodservice needs. We are the leading provider to grocery stores of heavy duty kraft bags. You'll also get much more variety with heavy duty paper bags.  Instead of that standard size most plastic bags come with you'll be able to get different sizes, from small up to extra-large, all of which will have the same high level of strength that makes sure each bag doesn't break no matter what food or drinks it's holding.  This way you don't have to use three bags for a large purchase or one standard bag for a small purchase of just one or two items.
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Heavy Duty Kraft Paper Bags for your grocery store, convenience store or any other foodservice establishment. You can match the bag size with the purchase to get more out of your investment in bags. Paper bags are eco friendly as well.