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Construction Hard Hats

MSA, an abbreviation for Mine Safety Appliances, is a 100+-year old company known globally for its manufacture of safety equipment ranging from breathing apparatuses and thermal imaging devices used by firefighters to military and law enforcement body armor, safety harnesses and hard hats. When it comes to the production of safety hard hats, including construction hard hats and mining hard hats, MSA is at the top of the industry.
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Buy hard hats and safety caps for your business today. We offer two of their most popular hard hat models here – the V-Gard lightweight hard hat and the heavy-duty Skullgard hard hat. A fully adjustable hard hat (and available in three sizes and five colors), the V-Gard is an affordable yet highly effective head protector and comes in slotted and non-slotted versions. The Skullgard comes in heat-resistant (up to 350-degrees F) models and one with a built-in lamp. A common appearance on most construction sites are hard hats. They are usually required by law for certain jobs and build sites. They can protect from little things like bumping your head on a beam to more harmful things like falling debris.