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Electric Hand Dryers for Restrooms

Electric hand dryers are much more economical to use than the traditional paper or cloth hand drying option in commercial restrooms, and over the life of the machine, a compact hand dryer can save you tons of money. It's also a much greener option than going the paper towel route, not to mention the fact that little or no maintenance is required. Commercial hand dryers have been manufactured by American Dryer, Inc. since 1952, and they have long been the industry standard. We offer a full lineup of the company’s automatic hand dryer models, which range in price from the most economical GX1 ABS Cover hand dryer machine to its premier Extremeair Stainless Steel Cover high-speed hand dryer.

These restroom hand dryers are more than mere hand blower machines. They're quiet, dependable and thermally protected for safety, and they have auto sensors to turn the power on and off. Each also has a hair-drying function.
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Buy Automatic Hand Dryers for commercial bathrooms to save money on recurring paper towel expenditures.