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Good Work Means Repeat Service

While virtually every successful business operates in a virtual space via their websites these days, there is still a great deal of emphasis that businesses still put on the cleanliness of their real (or analog) space, IE: their brick and mortar stores and office buildings. In order to be safe and productive, it’s important for a place to be clean.

This makes the cleaning crew a valuable part of literally every building they work in. While they do not necessarily contribute to whatever business their employer is actively engaged in, they do help determine the kind of first impression that their employers make on whoever walks through their doors, be they clients, customers, etc.

Think of it this way: your janitorial company is in need of an accountant, so you go over to the accountant’s office to solidify this business transaction in which you, essentially, put other people in charge of looking after your money. Now let’s say that you found that the employees desks were awash with papers and dust, and rings from coffee mugs. (And don’t even so much as look at the floors.)

With such a mess openly visible for all would-be clients to see, you’d probably lose faith in these people’ ability to handle your money, since they apparently can’t manage whatever clients they’re already in business with. By keeping your clients’ offices squeaky clean, with hard work and the right cleaning products, you accomplish 2 things:

1. You build customer appreciation.
Your best clients will appreciate the fact that you help them look good and function within their own business. After all, most people understand that a clean and well-organized workplace is going to have better productivity and higher morale than a place that is constantly in a state of chaos.

2. You protect your own business’s bottom line.
By creating a high level of satisfaction among your clients, you’re protecting your business’s future. You’re ensuring repeat business from loyal clients who appreciate the work you do, and thus help keep yourself in business.

Besides, if you’re in the business of cleaning, you understand better than most that there are few things as important to any enterprise as having sanitary conditions. So it’s worth a reminder that good work, performed in a timely manner with the right products, will always serve to help your business succeed in the long term.