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Floor Strippers

Floor strippers are designed to quickly penetrate and dissolve difficult to remove floor finish build-up. These powerful, commercial floor strippers go to work immediately to help restore your floors to their original condition. A floor stripper quickly penetrates and emulsifies built up layers of floor finish for efficient removal by autoscrubber or rotary machine. Waxes and polishes build up on flooring, especially commercial flooring applications.  They create cloudy gunk that can be very difficult to remove without the correct cleaning solutions.  Our floor strippers are designed to cut through the layers of build up so it can be removed more efficiently with the use of brushes or rotary machines.
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Using effective floor stripper chemicals helps this tedious job to get done quickly, so your business gets back up and running as quickly as possible. Floor strippers can be in liquid or foam form. Liquid versions can be ammoniated or non-ammoniated cleaners. Ammoniated cleaners use butyl and/or ammonia to lift the build-up off of flooring surfaces. Non-ammoniated strippers serve the same purpose, but they use substances which are not as harsh as the chemicals butyl and ammonia. Non-ammoniated cleansers and strippers are safe for use on all flooring materials. Ammoniated versions can be used on most floor materials, including marble, vinyl or vinyl composition, terrazzo, linoleum, concrete, quarry tile, rubber, asphalt, and brick.

Foaming floor stripper products are typically dispensed from aerosol cans. This makes them well-suited to applications on walls, ceilings, or the undersides of shelves. Baseboards and other places can have a buildup of chemicals, oils or waxes. Foams are designed to cling to the substance, soaking through it. This provides time for the build-up to release from the surface material. This is particularly effective in corners and edges where there is a deeper level of build-up of gunk. Aerosol foams should be used precisely to the instructions for the specific product because they are very powerful. At RYDOexpress, we offer plenty of products in varying designs and strengths from Franklin Cleaning Technology, Misty, Dymon, Floor Science and Green Option brands. Depending on the flooring surfaces you will have to clean, you will want to choose different floor stripper products. Green Option is a floor stripper that is an environmentally friendly product. It is concentrated and effective, but it does not emit strong odors or harsh fumes. These products do not include butyl. Speedsope floor stripper is a product which is ammoniated and can handle any type of flooring build-up. It is also very economical for companies on a tight budget.