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Flash Lights are portable electric lights that emit light from incandescent light bulbs or from LEDs (light emitting diodes). RydoExpress stocks flashlights from all leading manufacturers for your business or workplace. Headlamps are convenient to use when you need both hands free for work in the dark such as plumbing. During many types of work, there can be a need for additional light.  Alternative light sources are also necessary in an emergency, especially when the power has gone out.  Flashlights can provide battery-powered light for a variety of situations. We have flashlights in traditional, penlight, lantern, and headlamp versions.  
LED flashlight options offer superior light quality paired with a much more energy efficient design.   In fact, incandescent light bulbs can last 1,000 hours before burning out, where LED bulbs are said to last 25,000 to 50,000 hours.  This can be handy to have in an emergency situation.  They also do not emit as much heat as incandescent bulbs do.  The heat that is let off from incandescent bulbs is one reason they are not very energy efficient.  LED lights 'burn' much cooler.  However, incandescent light bulb flashlights still offer an inexpensive solution to the need for portable light sources.  Krypton incandescent light bulbs are filled with Krypton gas rather than the traditional argon gas, so they burn longer and whiter than old-fashioned flashlight versions.
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Buy Flashlights that are industrial grade for your workplace.Incandescent and LED bulbs can be mounted into different flashlight formats.  If you need a traditional flashlight configuration, you can choose between incandescent and LED options.  LED light bulbs can also be fitted into a head-lamp design so you still have both hands free to do work when you need additional light on the subject.  Lantern lights also allow for hand free capabilities, but you must have somewhere to set them down.  They can cast a larger area of light than a small flashlight or headlamp.  When preparing for emergencies, it can be helpful to have several different kinds of flashlights.

LED penlights are very small LED flashlight options which are highly portable.  They can be carried in a pocket, like a pen, but offer a bright, focused light beam to illuminate small, dark spaces.  These flashlights have a small beam but they are great for illuminating detail work or tiny areas.  They are also helpful when you want to unlock a door or cabinet in the dark because they can shine directly on the small area of the lock opening.  You can choose from our high quality flashlight options for all your home and business needs.