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Ear Protection: Ear Plugs & Ear Muffs

Quality ear protection is critically important in many noisy environments, and yet proper hearing protection is often overlooked. Sometimes ear plugs are provided on the job yet employees don't wear them because they're uncomfortable, inconvenient or their importance is just ignored. We offer dozens of types of foam ear plugs and corded earplugs, both one-time disposable and reusable, at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities.
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Buy Ear Plugs at your workplace to protect your hearing. You will also find several bulk earplugs dispensing stations for installation at your work site so all employees have easy access to plugs when needed. Many of the choices here are a far cry above what you may think of when you think foam earplugs. Laser Lite polyurethane foam plugs gently expand for a comfortable fit, are easy to handle due to the T-shape and brightly colored to make compliance checks easy to do. For quality shooting ear protection, check out any of our topnotch ear muffs. Your ears do not heal themselves after hearing loss. If you work in a loud workplace like an airport runway, shooting range, jackhammer, chainsawing lumber, and other industries, try our protective ear equipment. Our ear protective gear is comfortable and protective.