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Disinfectant Cleaners from RydoExpress for Powerful Sanitizing Action. Browse this section to find out a variety of germicidal cleaners like disinfectant wipes, lysol disinfectant, clorox cleaners, and sanitizing wipes. Lysol IC disinfectant products have become very popular in doctors and dentists offices for use in controlling infections. Lysol is the #1 disinfectant for virus in the world. Clorox wipes have also become a hugely popular disinfectant product in the world today.
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Buy wholesale Disinfectant cleaners for your workplace or business. Germs on hands can be transferred up to seven times, making frequently touched surfaces viral hot spots. Sanitizers quickly
and effectively banish bugs and send germs packing to help reduce employee absences, sick days and lost productivity. Disinfecting Time for serious cleaning. Germ hot spots are everywhere. In fact, germs can live for days on hard surfaces, and with every touch you pick up to 30-50% of the organisms living there. Our hard-working disinfectants get right to the source to stop germs in their tracks.